A sense of belonging

Estate by Eric Kuster was conceived to inspire us all to reshape daily priorities and place human interactions at the top of our list. Comfortable spaces for family to sit together, gather and enjoy every day moments. To feel connected to one other and the home in which we dwell.


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A new methodology

  • Building on his heritage of designing enticingly comfortable interior spaces full retro chic, Eric and his team began crafting Estate from the inside out. It started with a fundamental aim: that when you enter your home, your mind can switch off, re-focus on what’s inside and connect with nature and family. They succeeded in creating residences that offered a fusion of contrasts that ordinarily might not co-exist. Extravagance with subtly. Unassuming with opulence. Chic with purity. A balancing act across all interior and exterior spaces that has culminated in the realisation of a resort feel, yet still exuding a homely warmth.

The build, the interior fit, every small detail is taken care of, right down to folding of the towels and chilling your favourite aperitive in the wine cabinet. Pure freedom. Pure exclusivity.



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  • 14 jaar design ervaring
  • 3 jaar Design Lead bij Aimforthemoon
  • 8 jaar co-founder & creative director
    bij Lefhebbers
  • 5 jaar vaderschap
  • 4 jaar Kunstacademie


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